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Why to Support Us

Why to Support Us

The Republican Main Street Partnership is a coalition of over 70 members of Congress. They are united by shared conservative principles in economic policy and national security, and they are committed to governing in a pragmatic and thoughtful manner.


Our members believe in policies that will expand our economy and create high-paying 21st century jobs. They believe that the United States must take every practical step to ensure that American businesses and workers have the opportunity to compete and win in the worldwide marketplace. They believe that we must also unleash the power of our entrepreneurial spirit and keep the United States the world leader in innovation and research.

Our members believe that low taxation is critical to continued employment growth. They believe that lowering our corporate tax rate — the highest in the world — will spark a renaissance for American business. They believe that decreasing the tax burden on individuals will allow them to keep and spend more of what they earn, increasing the prosperity and security of all Americans.

Our members believe that it’s essential to the future of our children and grandchildren that the federal government learns to live within its means. They believe that tackling the unprecedented fiscal crisis will require the identification and elimination of wasteful spending and judicious reform of our entitlement programs.

Our members believe that our aging, substandard national infrastructure is a drain on our productivity, a heavy cost to business, and a public safety hazard. They believe that our future prosperity depends on modernizing our infrastructure and protecting it from cyberattacks.

Our members believe that the safety of our citizens and our credibility as a defender of world order depend on the strength and preparedness of our military. They believe that we must defeat the dangers of Islamic extremism, restrain aggressive and expansionist rivals, and develop the world’s most advanced military systems to ensure that our armed forces are ready to meet any threat. They believe that we must also do all we can to keep our servicemen and servicewomen safe on the battlefield and extend them every possible medical, educational, and vocational opportunity upon their return to civilian life.