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Our Results

Our Results

The RMSP PAC is one of the most effective political action committees supporting the governing wing of the Republican Party. Main Street is heavily involved in Congressional elections, both in fending off challengers who ran against our members in Republican primaries as well as in the general elections.

Main Street has compiled one of the best win-loss records of any political action committee. We had a perfect record in the primary campaign season, successfully defending a large majority of the candidates who faced challengers funded by deep-pocketed outside organizations.

We now have over seventy members of Congressan all-time record — and our membership makes up over one-quarter of the House Republican Conference. Our members provide the margin that enables the Republican Party not just to control the House but to hold its largest majority there in over eighty years.

Our members were able to give the Republican Party its historic majority because so many of them won in districts that traditionally had not favored Republicans. Our members prevailed in the “swing districts” that were some of the toughest battlegrounds in the entire 2016 elections, and will have to do so again in 2018.

Main Street has been successful despite campaigning in some of the nation’s most competitive districts. Unlike nearly every other political action group, we spend over 95 percent of the money we raise directly on behalf of the candidates we support.

In the 2018 elections, the RMSP PAC will strategically direct funds to the Congressional campaigns where we can provide the winning margin that will allow us to protect incumbent Main Street legislators and elect new members. Your support of the RMSP PAC will grow and strengthen the forces of good governance and pragmatic conservatism in Congress.