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Barbara Comstock (VA-10) on Fox and Friends

Elisabeth Hasselback talks to Virginia House delegate and congressional candidate Barbara Comstock about Politico's recent article about her and the race for Virginia's 10th congressional district.

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Carl DeMaio (CA-52) on ABC News

Carl DeMaio is openly gay, supports abortion rights, and says that climate change is a problem that demands bold solutions from the government. He also happens to be the Republican candidate for Congress in California’s 52nd District.

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Reuters: Michigan race highlights Tea Party versus Establishment struggle

(Reuters) - Over cocktails and chocolate-covered strawberries, a group of west Michigan Republicans gathered at a Tudor-style home in Grand Rapids and vented frustrations with Congressman Justin Amash and his Tea Party tactics that they blame for Washington's gridlock.

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Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ex-Rep Steve LaTourette highlights GOP split in debate with Club for Growth

WASHINGTON, D. C. - Former Bainbridge Township Republican Rep. Steve LaTourette on Wednesday night offered to stop the Main Street Partnership's fundraising for moderate GOP candidates and "turn back every farthing" if the conservative Club for Growth stops attacking middle-of-the-road incumbents.

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Politics PA 2012 Congressional Fundraising Winners and Losers

Pat Meehan (R-Delaware, PA-7). The sophomore Congressman is avoiding the partisan fights that trap some of his DC colleagues and building a reputation as a pragmatic problem solver in SEPA.

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