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Endorsements 2020

2020 Candidates

Roger Marshall

Kansas - Senate

Dr. Roger Marshall is a common-sense political outsider. As an OB/GYN, Doc delivered more than 5,000 babies during his 25 years practicing in Great Bend. He also served as Chairman of the Board of Great Bend Regional Hospital for 14 years. For the last few years, he has represented the Big 1st District in Congress. During his time in congress he has gotten Kansas a seat back on the Agriculture Committee, helped write a Farm Bill that protects crop insurance, and jump started the economy by rolling back regulation and passing a tax cuts bill. 

Rosemary Becchi

New Jersey's 11th District

As a candidate for Congress, Rosemary brings valuable, first-hand experience in both public policy and the law. She has spent her career working on the front lines of policy and regulatory matters, developing collaborative relationships with key leaders in both chambers of Congress, the Treasury Department, the Securities Exchange Commission, the Federal Reserve Board and other federal and state agencies as well as industry and trade associations.

Chele Farley

New York's 18th District

Chele is running for Congress to provide every New York family with the opportunity to succeed. Specifically, Chele is focused on recapturing the $50 billion dollars more that New Yorkers pay in federal taxes each year than the state receives. By addressing the unfair treatment of New York taxpayers, Chele will invest in the region’s crumbling infrastructure, ease the crushing burden placed on property taxpayers and advance pro-growth policies that will create jobs.

Randy Feenstra

Iowa's 4th District

Randy is currently a leading conservative voice in the State Senate with a record of results defending Christian values, innocent life, the 2nd Amendment and Iowa taxpayers.

Andrew Garbarino

New York's 2nd District

Since 2013, Garbarino has represented the south shore in the New York State Assembly. He's a Republican and a conservative. In Albany, and he's been fighting against Governor Cuomo's liberal machine that wants to raise our taxes, and move more control of business and personal lives to Albany or DC.

Tom Kean, Jr. 

New Jersey's 7th District

Tom’s allegiance to public service has been inspired by the proud heritage of the Kean family. The grandson of former U.S. Representative Robert Kean and son of former Governor Thomas H. Kean, Sr., Tom is continuing a legacy of dedicated public service to New Jersey. 

Amanda Makki

Florida's 13th District

Amanda Makki is a lawyer, patient advocate, public servant, and a lifelong Republican running to represent Florida's 13th Congressional District.

Nicole Malliotakis

New York's 11th District

Assemblywoman Malliotakis is the daughter of immigrants, her father from Greece and her mother a Cuban exile of the Castro dictatorship. She is currently the only Republican woman and only Hispanic Republican elected official in New York City, and represents a district spanning the boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Lisa McClain

Michigan's 10th District

Businesswoman Lisa McClain, a first-time candidate from Bruce Township, is running in Michigan's 10th Congressional District.  Lisa spent 11 years working within American Express before she and a group of other employees split off to start Hantz Financial, a financial advising firm based in Southfield, MI. 

Peter Meijer

Michigan's 3rd District

A conservative veteran running for Congress to bring strong, stable, and effective representation to West Michigan. In 2010, Peter deployed to Iraq as a non-commissioned officer, setting aside his studies to serve with an intelligence unit at joint US-Iraqi bases in the Baghdad area. From Afghanistan, Peter pursued his MBA at New York University before returning to Michigan to work in urban redevelopment. A passion for service, and for West Michigan, compels Peter to continue to seek ways to serve his community by running for Congress.

Matt Rosendale

Montana's At-Large District

Matt is committed to lowering and providing more affordable health care options to Montana families, protecting those with pre-existing conditions, and taking on the billion-dollar pharmaceutical middle-men to bring more transparency to drug prices and lower drug costs for all Montanans.

Maria Elvia Salazar

Florida's 27th District

Maria Elvira Salazar is running for Congress to stop socialism from ever coming and ruining America. Born in Miami’s Little Havana to Cuban parents, who emigrated to the United States, fleeing Cuba due to the arrival of Fidel Castro to power. Salazar would go on to be a national news anchorwoman at Telemundo and have a long run with her own top-rated show on Mega TV. Winning five Emmy Awards, she was recognized for her passion for freedom and uncovering oppressive, communist and socialist regimes in Latin America especially in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.https://youngforiowa.com

Sarah Hart Weir

Kansas' 3rd District

Sara Hart Weir’s life has been about leading differently, serving others and delivering results. Sara has always deployed an “in the trenches” leadership style by engaging directly with her constituents - meeting with families in their local communities, in classrooms, visiting their places of employment and around their kitchen tables.

David Young

Iowa's 3rd District

David has a history and record of working across the aisle and finding bipartisan solutions to problems. He, like most Iowans, is driven to fix problems. David knows how Washington works, and he knows where Washington is failing to work. David has a track record of getting results for Iowans and he’s ready to hit the ground running to continue his service to Iowans in the U.S. House of Representatives.


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